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Tobalá Jóven

The tobalá is a wild agave that grows for 10 years on the slopes and rocky cliffs of the sierra. For its delicate and fine taste the mezcal tobalá from La Costumbre will give you an experience of unparalleled flavors.

AGAVE: Tobalá (Seemaniana)
REGION: San Pablo Villa de Mitla, Oaxaca
MELLOWING: 10 years
OVEN TYPE: Conical stone oven
TYPE OF MILL: Tahona de Piedra horse-drawn
DISTILLATION: 2 Distillations in copper still
% ALC VOL: 45%
MASTER MEZCALERO: Everardo García Salvador

Tasting Notes

Transparent tone, with green tips. Balanced and fine aromas centered on sweet notes of smoked and toasted preserved fruit with herbal and spicy tips of anise, cinnamon, cardamom and at the end subtle earthy tones. Soft and delicate flavors accentuated by sweet touches and with mineral and smoky finishes that rectify the aromas on the nose, with a soft and subtle finish by variety. Pleasant and elegant body in the whole expression of taste, which makes it appetizing in every sip.

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