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Tepestate Jóven

The Agave del monte, the tepestate is one of the most special agaves and appreciated by the difficulty in its collection and its prolonged mellowing time that can reach up to 25 years. Its refreshing taste and arduous work of production turns the tepestate of La Costumbre into an exceptional mezcal.

AGAVE: Tepestate (Marmorata)
REGION: San Pablo Villa de Mitla, Oaxaca
MELLOWING: 15 years
OVEN TYPE: Conical stone oven
TYPE OF MILL: Tahona de Piedra horse-drawn
DISTILLATION: 2 Distillations in copper still
% ALC VOL: 45%
MASTER MEZCALERO: Everardo García Salvador

Tasting Notes

Glossy silver tone with green tips. Vibrant and balanced aromas centered on sweet notes of fruits such as pineapple and peach, as well as herbal and citrus flavors with late ends to wood and agave cooked with touches to cocoa and spices as delicate aromas. Flavors friendly, refreshing and of great power for being a wild agave defined by subtle sweet touches with freshness of menthol and mineral touches that rectifies at the end of each sip the aromas in the nose. With elegant and great body in all the expression of taste, which makes it appetizing by the consumer.

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