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We are a Costumbre

La Costumbre is a mezcal traditionally made for almost 100 years. Created for the first time in 1918; Being this the taste of those arrieros that of step in the town of Mitla went to supply food to the Mixe region ...

It was from then on that Don José María Salvador, originally from Santa María Albarradas, Tlacolula, Oaxaca, gave birth to our ancestral mezcal "LA COSTUMBRE", being inherited to Mr. Manuel Salvador who procreated 6 Sons, it was in this third generation where all A "Costumbre" to produce our great mezcal.

Thanks to the efforts of Mrs. Elena Salvador and her son Everardo García Salvador, they have preserved such a memorable "Tradition" of producing quality mezcal, conquering the palates of our Oaxacan brothers as well as those national and foreign visitors.