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Mexicano Jóven

Wild agave with large toothed leaves and gray tips, growing on the slopes of the humid mountains, with a refreshing taste, the mezcal Mexicano of La Costumbre offers an extraordinary flavor.

AGAVE: Mexicano (Rhodacantha)
REGION: San Pablo Villa de Mitla, Oaxaca
MELLOWING: 10 years
OVEN TYPE: Conical stone oven
TYPE OF MILL: Tahona de Piedra horse-drawn
DISTILLATION: 2 Distillations in copper still
% ALC VOL: 45%
MASTER MEZCALERO: Everardo García Salvador

Tasting Notes

Clear tone, with sparkles silver and green tips. Vibrant aromas, quite fragrant and balanced, focused on sweet notes of fruits like pineapple, as well as herbal and citrus flavors such as mandarin, lime and orange with floral finishes and agave tips cooked with touches of tobacco, wood and delicate spices Aromas. Refreshing, pungent and smoky flavors defined by subtle acidic touches with mineral remains and sweet touches that rectifies in the end very shallow. With elegant and fragrant body in the whole expression of taste, which makes it appetizing to the palate.

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