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Espadín Jóven

The Agaves Espadín take between 6 and 8 years in their maturation to extract the best sugars. The Agave Espadín is the most common type of agave to make mezcal but this does not mean that the mezcal Espadín of La Costumbre has an ordinary flavor.

AGAVE: Espadín (Angustifolia Haw)
REGION: San Pablo Villa de Mitla, Oaxaca
MELLOWING: 8 years
OVEN TYPE: Conical stone oven
TYPE OF MILL: Tahona de piedra horse-drawn
DISTILLATION: 2 Distillations in copper still
% ALC VOL: 45%
MASTER MEZCALERO: Everardo García Salvador

Tasting Notes

Crystalline and clear tone, with sparkles silver. Aromas balanced, friendly and with great intensity, centered in green herbs and spices, cooked maguey, citrus marked as lime and grapefruit with light notes of ketones and toasted to tobacco. Refined, light but accentuated flavors that rectify the aromas on the nose, giving way to sweet tones, minerals and refreshing acidity with a persistent finish in the mouth of cooked agave flavors. Fresh and pleasant in all expression of taste.

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