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Ensamble Espadín/Cuishe Jóven

Great combination of the Espadín agave and the agave Cuishe, which complement its attributes to highlight the unique flavor of the ensemble La Costumbre.

AGAVE: Espadín (Angustifolia) Cuishe (Karwinskii)
REGION: San Pablo Villa de Mitla, Oaxaca
MELLOWING: 8 years
OVEN TYPE: Conical stone oven
TYPE OF MILL: Tahona de Piedra horse-drawn
DISTILLATION: 2 Distillations in copper still
% ALC VOL: 45%
MASTER MEZCALERO: Everardo García Salvador

Tasting Notes

Crystal tone with silver and green tips. Aromas balanced, complex and of great variety by the perfect harmony between the mixture of Agaves centered in smoked, maguey cooked, citrus, herbal like primary notes that in the end leaves subtle earthy tones. Warm and delicate flavors accentuated by salty, sweet touches and with bitter endings that rectify the aromas on the nose, with a corpulent finish by the mixture. Pleasant and full body in all expression of taste.

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